Al lives in Australia with his wife and two kids. He is a National Sales Manager for an IT Company and his job involves a lot of travel. 


Al has used every bit of Garage Gym Athlete to improve his fitness and mental capacity. He has gone through 12 Week cycles on every single track and has see great results.


Al says, “At 45 years of age I'm stoked to also be able to sprint multiple 100s, 200s, 400s without killing or injuring myself :-) and having a 6 pack is a bonus."

“The programming is great, it works and sniffs out your weaknesses - its challenging, however, the big difference is the community - it’s motivating, educational and fun.”
— Al Brooke

“What blows me away is I'm now in a shape I didn't think could be possible at my age... and seeing as I only workout an hour a day 4 days a week in my garage...and I'm still improving...WOW!”

Prior to GGA, Al was doing Wendler 5/3/1 and running 5-7km a couple days a week…and he thought he was in pretty good shape. 

But now he says, “I'm a far more rounded GGA today and have learned a lot in becoming a better human along the way, IMO more than anything else its the mental strength and focus that the training develops that sets it apart."

He’s been in his Garage training for a decade and before that he worked in the fitness industry and was even a serious Rugby player for about 10 years.

He said that having kids and also having to travel a lot for worked has changed eveything for him. He has gotten very focused and hits the workouts when he has to, but notes…it’s not perfect. 

His goal right now is to get stronger and be healthy for his family. And he does what he has to, to get it done. This means he will switch up training days, swap out rest days, only do parts of the workout, etc. 

But he gets it done and he sees results! 

Al doesn’t make excuses, rather, he finds solutions. 

Here’s what he has to say about End of Three Fitness; 

“What I love about End of Three Fitness is that the mission lines up with my overall goal: BECOME A BETTER HUMAN.”

Here’s what he has to say about mental toughness; 

“You might think you have mental toughness, but you won’t know until you really test yourself on a regular basis”





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Working with his time, family, and hectic travel schedule, Al does what he can do! It's not always perfect, but he always gets something done. 

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