Chris lives in South Dakota and is an IT contractor. He started with bodyweight training, then started to incorporate some strength and mixed modal training.


Chris originally started strength training in his garage but has since moved on to a public gym. He gets strange looks sometimes with our training but still has the freedom to get the job done.


In under a year Chris has added more than 100 pounds across our three major lifts (Squat, Deadlift, and Press), added 10 pounds of muscle to his body, and improved his mile and half time by 1:15 (11%).

“Your programming is probably the perfect balance of switching up the training, different mixed modal movements and the percentage based lifting.”
— Chris Dinnel

“Dial in the nutrition and everything else will fall into place.”

Chris started getting into training when he relied his sedentary job with a lot of sitting was having a negative effect on his body.

Starting with mostly bodyweight exercises and calisthenics until he got as far as he felt he could and got bored. He then stated doing casual strength with some CrossFit mixed in. “Don’t skip progressions or you’re going to get tendonitis.”

Initially finding the CrossFit volume a bit much he found One Man One Barbell and then Garage Gym Athlete and began lifting at home.

He now trains out of a public gym so that he can not only have all of the equipment he needs, its close to work, but its nice to avoid the cold South Dakota winters.

After some program hopping he realized he needed a program with a little more structure and variety.

Chris still competes in the CrossFit Open and has improved his CrossFit workouts with Garage Gym Athlete programming. He also now regularly competes in Spartan and other OCR races.

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Once Chris found a program that had the variety he desired but steady progression he needed, his results started coming in waves.

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