Chris is a Education Supervisor who lives in Louisiana with his family. After wanting to get involved in fitness at home, it took 3 months to realize he was completely lost without some sort of structure. 


Chris started using, not only the daily programming, but the coaching tips, nutrition resources AND the daily workouts. Once he started to see results he also got the family involved and it has become a major part of their lives.


Chris has put in some serious work and taken control, not over just his perofrmance, but his HEALTH!! Chris lowered his resting heart rate from 84 to 56, added 145 lbs across his 3 main lifts, and was able to run a half marathon and several 5K's. 

“Garage Gym Athlete has given me back my health and energy to be the active father I need to be, and my results have encouraged my family to start their own fitness journey.”
— Chris Bearb

"When training gets tough, and I am looking for motivation, I say this to myself, “Do today what others don’t, so tomorrow you can do things they cant.”

Garage Gym Athlete helped Chris with daily programming, coaching tips, and nutrition guidance.

He has lost weight, increased strength, gotten faster, and overall he is much healthier.

Before training regularly, he was tired and sluggish on a daily basis. Now, he says, “GGA has given me back my health and energy to be the active father I need to be, and my results have encourage my family to start with their own fitness journey.”

Chris did CrossFit for 6 months and decided to do the garage gym thing due to his schedule. But training alone for 3 months he felt lost.

He found End of Three Fitness and the daily programming gave him the structure he needed, with the elite membership the coaching tips, mobility coaching, and nutrition guidance has truly helped his transformation.

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Need help with your fitness?

Getting direction was REALLY big for Chris. He knew what he wanted (and needed) to achieve, but realized going at it alone with no direction or program was going to be a long road of bouncing around. Once he decided to stick with a program and be serious, he saw MASSIVE results. 

And if you’re in the same boat — if you want massive fitness results, but have no idea how to get started, then my team has created a powerful resource for you. The resources inside of Garage Gym Athlete will help you find your why AND give you the training that will help you see results. 

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