Coree is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach who lives in California. She is always looking to advance her knowledge of training and take her own personal results to the next level.  


Consistency is the name of the game with Coree. She found Garage Gym Athlete in 2015 and has seen phenomenal results with the daily workouts and personalized nutrition coaching. 


Results include 40# increase on Back Squat, 30# on DL, massive gains on everything metabolic. She could not do a strict pull-up when she started, now she can do 6 unbroken. She's also lost 13% body fat and 10# and never gained it back. 

“Ever since I started with EO3 and Garage Gym Athlete in 2015, my life has completely changed! I am stronger in every lift, I am faster than I’ve been since high school, and most of all, my confidence in my capabilities has gone through the roof! I am no longer afraid to try new things and see what my body is capable of. EO3 and GGA has made me stronger, faster and harder to kill and I can’t wait to see where I go from here!”
— Coree Rountree
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"I feel better and more confident and my mental toughness is at some all new level that can't be measured."

Coree was looking for good programming but she found way more than that...  

"End of Three Fitness has changed my life. I am stronger, faster and harder to kill every day."

There was an untapped potential in Coree that she has now unleashed. 

"My confidence in my abilities continues to grow and I am always putting myself to the test trying new things because I’m no longer afraid to face my fears."

Coree has always been mentally tough, but here at Garage Gym Athlete we really focus on what's behind the sets and reps and add as much value where the athlete needs it. 

Coree found this in her confidence and mental toughness. 

"I’m super pumped to have found EO3 and as long as there is a program, I will be following it!

Since finding End of Three Fitness, I've seen nothing but positive change and results.

I feel better and more confident and my mental toughness is at some all new level that can't be measured."

Coree has 6 years of racing experience and she is starting her 5th year of Spartan Racing.

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Unleashing her confidence and mental toughness was key in Coree seeing massive results. Once Coree overcame her fears, it was just a matter of time before she met every goal she was after. 

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