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Welcome to the Eo3Fit Crew! 

The Eo3Fit Crew is for those who enjoy the FREE daily workouts here at End of Three Fit, but want a little bit more. Individualized programming for our serious/competitive athletes ranges anywhere from $150-200 a month, but we realize a vast majority of those who follow our daily workouts do not have the need for individualized programming, but that doesn't mean you don't want a little extra. 

That's where the Eo3Fit Crew comes in! 

When joining the Crew you get...

  • Access to our premium training programs. 
  • Weekly audio or video tips from one of our coaches.
  • Email Correspondence - Get the answers you want! (3x month)
  • Monthly in-depth training article 

This one is for the CrossFitters out there

Originally a paid-for resource, it is now free to Eo3 Members, as we have started down the quest of mobile development.

The Ultimate WOD Log is a simple and very effective Microsoft Excel based program that helps you become a better CrossFitter. There are tons of features packed into this thing that you can read about or even watch on YouTube above. This tool was designed by a CrossFitter for CrossFitters. I know what I wanted and I tried my best to make sure it was something the community would love. I hope you will enjoy The Ultimate WOD Log as much as I do – it has really changed my training.