A question may come to your mind at some point...

Does the program really matter? 

Like really... 

Why can't we just be consistent each day? Why can't we just do random CrossFit workouts? Does it really matter THAT much...?

This response comes straight from Jerred Moon, the found of Garage Gym Athlete:

This will make my 8th year as a Garage Gym Athlete.

Two years before that, I was working out in parks and driveways. Before that, I was in globo gyms practicing muscle contractions.

Consistency does matter.

But I’ve heard it said that programming is overrated or doesn’t matter.

Well, I’ve always written my own programming (the programming you get at Garage Gym Athlete) and in the 8 years of being a Garage Gym Athlete I’ve pulled 540 lb in the deadlift at 180 lb bodyweight, gone sub-4 hours in a marathon, fastest recorded mile is 5:11, and I have completed MURPH with a vest in 27:47.

I’m trying to make a point, not brag about what I’ve done. Many in this world are much fitter than I will ever be.

But I know plenty of people who have consistency but haven’t touched their true potential.

Programming does matter.

If you are consistent, take a leap of faith and get some solid programming.