Q: I am considering one of your competitors, how is your training better?

A: We are the best online programming you will find. Period. If we didn't believe that, we would close our doors. 

Now, to help you make a decision, here are a few questions to ask: 

  1. Does our competitor run a gym full-time and online programming part-time? We don't. Our team runs GGA online programming full-time. That's it! 
  2. Did our competitor write a program that just repeats itself every 12 weeks or every 12 months? That's what we call lazy. We don't do that. We write NEW programming every 12 weeks. It's a lot of work and it's worth it. We see programming as an art, a craft, and a skill we improve every time we write new workouts. 
  3. Did our competitor compete in the CrossFit Games, play in the NFL, or do they have a prolific Instagram account? News flash: Most every CrossFit Games athlete, NFL player, etc did not write the program that got them there, someone else did. And would their programming even really help you if they did write it? Do you need that volume? Are you trying to make it to that level? Don't be fooled. 
  4. Are YOU trying to be a Navy SEAL? I hate to break it to you, but have you met any operators at the end of a 20-30 year career?? They're broken! Now, as a veteran-owned company, we have mad respect for all that serve. But as Strength and Conditioning coaches, we know there is a better way then absurd volume and 2-hour training session. 

We could go on, but that should get you thinking... 

In our opinion, we have no real competitors. 

Q: What about other End of Three Fitness programs?

A: Other than the programs inside of the Training Center, we have our One Man Series programs, which are non membership (one time fee). 

One Man One Barbell is our first program and is our strength system. We update this every year.

One Man One Kettlebell is a program that, only requires one kettlebell. and is great for those who don't have a barbell or can travel and will have access to a kettlebell. 

One Man Bodyweight system is a program we developed for those with no access to equipment or want to develop their bodyweight movements, strength and conditioning. 

Q: What are the three training tracks and how do they work?

We have three training tracks: 

  1. SHRED 

The SHRED Track - Built for those looking to lean out but still keep overall function as an athlete. 

HARD TO KILL Track - This is where we balance it all. We will train all energy systems while keeping our strength at the highest level. Each 12-weeks may have an energy system emphasis, but all are still trained. 

STRENGTH Track - This is for athletes who want more explosive and shorter duration conditioning while increasing their 1RMs and functional strength. 

As a member of GGA you have access to all three and can switch at anytime.