Competitor - $150/Month

  • Monthly Programming 
  • Video Review (3x month)
  • Nutrition Review and Recommendations

Next Level - $200/Month 

  • Weekly Programming 
  • Video Review (5x month)
  • Phone Calls (2x month) 
  • Personalized Nutrition Program

By definition:

“A person that controls the operation of something in accordance with a prescribed program.”

An Eo3 programmer…

  • Is more than a trainer, yet they are also trainers.
  • Takes a scientific, mathematical and methodical approach to planning physical training with an end-goal in sight.
  • May make you do things you would have never chosen to do on your own. 
  • Is always evaluating your weaknesses and planning accordingly. 
  • Succeeds for you where you falter. 
  • Is data driven from month-to-month. 
  • Analyzes your benchmarks and milestones to calculate the best individualized program for you. 
  • Takes the information you provide (the more the better) and applies it intelligently and the longer you stick with An Eo3 programmer the better your training will become. 
  • Will make sure your work capacity and volume are coordinated to match exactly what you need, to get exactly where you want to be. 

What do you do?

Let me start by telling you what we don’t do. We don’t run you through “the ringer” and beat you down, just where you think you got a good workout. We have weekly meetings to discuss athletes and decide on the best course for YOU…not what has worked for someone else, but specifically what we think you need.

One of the most important aspects of Eo3 FIT programming is the extent to which we will customize your physical training in accordance with your needs, goals and circumstances. Our focused attention is the Eo3 FIT fingerprint and is unique. We only allow each coach to have 10 clients.Anymore than that and we believe the coach will start to lose focus. Our goal is the athlete meeting their goals, not taking on so many athletes that we cannot handle the workload. That is why registration may either be open or closed. A great program is not defined by cool exercises and how well it works for other people. A good program is defined by how closely it mirrors what you want as an individual.

The Advantages of Online Programming and Training:

Receiving programming and training online may seem like a compromise to traditional in-person training, but that is not the case at all.

  • Work around your own schedule 
  • Workout wherever you want, including your home or garage
  • Save a lot of money (compared to hourly rate training) 
  • A goal oriented approach to maximize your progress and success
  • A strong emphasis on your unique needs and circumstances (i.e. equipment limitations, location, etc.)
  • An Eo3 commitment to thoroughly  addressing all of your questions and concerns

The Eo3 programming service provides you with more value because you’re not paying per hour. It won’t cost you anything extra to get your detailed instruction or to have a coach thoroughly answer your questions, and it won’t cut into your exercise time either. In fact, it will improve the effectiveness of your workouts.

The Eo3 programming approach is clearly not for everyone. Some people are only willing to put the absolute bare minimum amount of time and effort when it comes to training…We can only accept the dedicated, who are willing to work their asses off for results. Everyone else can head to your local globo gym and get with a CPT….

Relinquishing Control

“The first thing I did is I took my own training and my own
programming and handed it over to someone I trusted
and respected.”

-Matt Chan, 2nd place 2012 CrossFit Games, CrossFit Journal

No, we don’t program for Matt Chan, the point is, even the most elite are starting to realize the benefit of outsourcing programming.


What is expected of you, the athlete:

  • Following the programming!
  • Record your lifts and any requested movements or workouts.
  • Update basecamp with your results frequently.
  • Ask questions if you do not understand something.
  • Timely payment of your monthly fees at our current rate of $100 per month via Paypal (a link will be provided; payable on the 1st).

What is provided by your Eo3 Coach:

  • Feedback on your workouts and critiques and analysis of any video submissions.
  • Answers to any questions you may have…about anything.
  • Advice on how to improve your lifting, skill work and any other form of fitness you need assistance with.
  • Specific programming for competition (i.e. Regionals, The CrossFit Games), or target a weakness.
  • Specific programming for CrossFit, CrossFit+Strength, CrossFit+Endurance, or any individual aspect i.e. Strength training.