Jacob Thompson is from Leander, TX just north of Austin. He is Married and has 2 boys, 12 & 8. Became a Garage Gym Athlete because of the transition that the CrossFit gym he was at changed philosophies.


Jacob started following the program in June of 2018 and likes the programming. The methodology is great. He has bee working out in his garage for two years


Jacob had back surgery in February 14, 2018 prior to surgery and after surgery he gained significant weight. Since joining Garage Gym Athlete and controlling diet he has lost over 30 pounds and improve his conditining.

“II like the methodology of the programming. There is a reason for everything I like the combination of a strength programming and CrossFit style approach it adds diversity.”
— Jacob Thompson


Ryan dabbled in almost every sport he could in high school before finding finding his stride as a Cross Country runner who competed in the 2 mile and 1 miles distances. 

After high school, he moved on to more glob gym and bodybuilding style workouts; i.e. arm-day, leg-day, chest -day etc. 

It wasn’t too long till he got bored and wanted something a little bit more challenging. So he started CrossFit in 2015. However, his competitive nature and lack of focus on form in his CrossFit setting left him with a back injury which removed him from his day-to-day CrossFit activity. 

After injury, he and his wife were also on the verge of their first kid. With work responsibilities, and a new baby on the way, Ryan decided to start a garage gym. 

That’s when he began he journey with Garage Gym Athlete and End of Three Fitness. 

Today, he focused primarily on cosnitcney and building his mental toughness. As someone who is already pretty mentally tough, he wants to see how far he can take it because he know it will lead to great mental focus in the gym. 

Ryan believe that if you stay focused, consistent, and believe in yourself you can see any reuslts you want. And he has proven this to be true! 

Ryan says if you are thinking about starting a garage gym, “Just do it!” And if you already have one, “Stick with it, and know that this is a lifelong pursuit."

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