Joseph is married and a father who currently lives in Japan. He is also on active duty as a Career Enlisted Aviator who is always finding ways to train, even while cicumnavigating the globe.


Joseph has been a member of the EO3 community for a long time and participated in a multiple training cycles. He is using GGA to continually 'sharpen the axe'


Jospeh has added 100’s of pounds to the barbell, frequently hits sub-6 min miles, and can finish MURPH faster than CrossFit Games Athletes

“I felt as if I was doing the things the magazines said I should be doing, but I didn’t want to just ‘look good’; I wanted to be able to perform.”
— Joseph VonDohlen

I finally figured out what strength training is supposed to be and exactly how someone can use a system to make himself healthy and fit in the most authentic sense: strong, functional, and durable in a long-lasting way.

I was very lean, but not strong. Lack of strength led to injury.

With other “magazine methods of training”, I felt like my strength was lacking, at a plateau, and would never improve.

I chalked it up to inferior genetics and lack of supplements.

Not to mention, my strength would fade away if I wasn’t constantly working out, and the muscle mass withered even faster as I aged. Fading muscle mass gave way to fat gain, stiff joints, stumbling-old-man balance, and a serious drop-off in weekend fun, not to mention self-esteem.

I’m approaching 33 now, not old by any measure, but surely not the same as the 23-year-old me. After sustaining a shoulder injury due to a lack of strength, I decided to fight back, and go the other way.

Through pursuance of higher education, I learned that not only can lifting weights do as much for your heart health as cardio workouts, but EMOM (every minute, on the minute) work like that prescribed in our training, also provides you with a lean-muscle coat of armor against life’s inevitable blows – the way it did for me, when I dislocated my shoulder during an obstacle course race.

Now, I focus on being as well rounded as possible through the Garage Gym Athlete Hard to Kill Track. 





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