Justin lives in Maryland, is married and works for a company that does environmental monitoring. His wife is also a Garage Gym Athlete.


Justin is using Garage Gym Athlete to train to set new goals and push himself. He trains with his wife doing the programming.


Justin has been able to reach his ultimate rowing goal, and then some. lost weight and get stronger.

“I had this weird switch of, this might never happen again, in two minutes you are going to be done. do you want to look back knowing you could have had it and gave up, or do you want to push yourself and see that number..”
— Justin Pratt

“I went from not being able to finish a 5K to sub 20 minutes!”

Justin and his wife both train in their garage doing Garage Gym Athlete programming. Space may be limited and coordinating the squat rack can be fun.  

Moving in to their new house the first thing did was mount their squat racks. He likes that owning your own gym and space, if you ever want anything added or done, you are in full control to do so.

Justin swam in college and is a sucker for metrics and any piece of equipment that can track the metrics so he can set clear goals. The equipment he has is top-of-the line to do so, with the Concept 2 rower, ski-erg, and the Rogue Echo bike.

Before converting to being a garage gym athlete he swam and played water polo in college. After college he moved to the weight room wanting to be done with longer confiding for a while. But it was during a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot reality set in and he couldn’t finish the run.

He transitioned to some functional fitness for about two years to get back into shape, be competitive again but also get his nutrition on point. But they felt tied down to the constraints that a gym has and their rigid class schedules.

He’s had some big goals, but the biggest was getting a sub 7 minute 2K row. He really breaks down how he achieved that and worked to eventually get a 6:48 2K while training in his garage.

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Once Justin started figured out what goals he wanted, and the training to push himself beyond what he thought his limits here, he started to see phenomenal results!

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