Keith is married with two kids living in southern California and is a manager for an entertainment and news agency. He is also a volunteer coordinator for Team Red, White and Blue.


Due to a recent move Keith has had to go from garage gym to shared condominium gym, but is still getting the work done to prepare himself for his Spartan races.


Keith has added around 20 pounds across his barbell lifts, including 60 pounds to his Front squat. He has also completed MURPH over 10 minutes faster, and improved him mile time by 53 seconds.

“The choices in the programs and the amount of detail put into it with video demos made the transition easy .”
— Keith Stockwell

“Seeking out the opportunity for new experiences can really help mental toughness. It helps you build out your resilience and confidence.”

Keith transitioned to being a Garage Gym Athlete from CrossFit because making it to the class start time and schedule were a challenge. Even after he move a little further away from the gym, he started having kids which made fitting in work outs an even greater challenge.

At first he struggled to find a program while throwing together workouts on his own. He hopped around from some programs and he found hard to stick with and the results weren’t there.

Eventually he found Garage Gym Athlete and has been a long time member. Keith is now one of our sponsored athletes and he competed in Spartan and other OCR races.

Before he transitioned to his condominium gym he pieced together his garage gym from a large variety of sources with a little bit of improvisation to get be able to get everything done. He is still hanging on to his his garage gym equipment until he can have that space again or for a spontaneous storage unit workout.

“I enjoy working out along. I struggled at the crossfit box because i was letting my ego and competitiveness get the better of me.”

He has started to thrive working out along and concentrating on the important things. When doing CrossFit he would worry about other athletes and not focus on improving himself and the small details.





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Once Keith was once completely unfamiliar with strength and conditioning training. But now he uses it to excel in his Spartan and OCR races.

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