Keith Aasen is from Victoria, Canada. He lives with his wife and 2 Dobermans “(all the family one needs! well maybe one more dog”). He became a part time Garage Gym athlete to supplement his CrossFit training and then more recently became a full time GGA after his local Box closed. Now he trains full time at home but still competes locally in CrossFit competitions.


Keith used the Eo3 One man, One Barbell to build strength while he was training full time at a local CrossFit Gym and now is on the Shred track to continue to build strength while maintaining cardio.


Keith added 10-15 pound PRs in a single cycle of One man, one Barbell and now is on the Shred track and has had a noticeable change in body composition. His have had friends comment on his gains even though he has not changed weight since switching to GGA.

“I am not a programmer. I want/need to be told what to do every step of the way. GGA gives me that. I also need the reminders to rest and recover as I get older.”
— Keith Aasen

I have definitely converted fat into muscle (now to just gain that last little bit!)

Ryan dabbled in almost every sport he could in high school before finding finding his stride as a Cross Country runner who competed in the 2 mile and 1 miles distances. 

After high school, he moved on to more glob gym and bodybuilding style workouts; i.e. arm-day, leg-day, chest -day etc. 

It wasn’t too long till he got bored and wanted something a little bit more challenging. So he started CrossFit in 2015. However, his competitive nature and lack of focus on form in his CrossFit setting left him with a back injury which removed him from his day-to-day CrossFit activity. 

After injury, he and his wife were also on the verge of their first kid. With work responsibilities, and a new baby on the way, Ryan decided to start a garage gym. 

That’s when he began he journey with Garage Gym Athlete and End of Three Fitness. 

Today, he focused primarily on cosnitcney and building his mental toughness. As someone who is already pretty mentally tough, he wants to see how far he can take it because he know it will lead to great mental focus in the gym. 

“I did a 2 rep front squat l2 weeks ago that was 15lbs over my previous 1 rep max. I haven't tested many other but was very happy to do 69 pullups in 3 min at a comp last weekend, meanwhile my cardio is still right where it was.”

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Once Pat started to go ‘beyond training’ and really honed in on his mental ability, he started to see phenomenal results!

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