Kyle is a Youth Minister who lives in Tennessee with his wife and son. He was always interested in health and fitness but never felt 100% confident on what he should be doing. 


The step-by-step daily workouts helped Kyle go from “no sure what to do” to massive weight loss and strength gains. In just under a year, he realized he could achieve all his goals, become healthier for his family, and set new boundaries.


Though it started out as a "test run", Kyle is now a better, and healthier, dad and husband. He's competing in fitness events like 5Ks and Powerlifting meets and he continues to improve himself each day. 

“I’ve tried many other programs, but End of Three Fitness is hands down the best I’ve ever used. Before joining, I was overweight, felt terrible all day, and couldn’t walk up stairs without losing my breath. In the last year, I set over 100 pounds in PRs, ran a 5K nonstop without training for it, and have my first powerlifting meet in a couple months. The best part is that I am a better, and healthier, dad and husband. Joining EO3 Fitness was the best fitness decision I’ve ever made.”
— Kyle Shrum

“Knowing my 'Why' Has Helped me push through things I don't always want to do...”

Kyle was doing his best to make fitness a part of his life. He tried CrossFit for awhile, went to Globo Gyms, and many other paths that didn't work. He said, "I felt like I should workout just because everyone else was working out, but I didn't really have a good reason as to why I was doing it." 

After flip-flopping for a few years with bouts of 2-3 weeks of consistency followed by not going to the gym at all he knew it was time for a change. 

And it wasn't a new program or diet that got him going. Kyle focused on his BIG "WHY" to find motivation.

He wants to be healthy for his wife and son.

Mic drop... 

How can you skip a day in the gym when you have that kind of WHY behind you? That's what has kept Kyle consistent for over a year now. 

"Once I dropped the shallow reasons for working out, that didn't work for me, and focused on a deeper reason to train. Focusing on this intrinsic motivator has really helped me to continue to push through and stay consistent." 

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Need help with your fitness?

Finding his ‘why’ was the first step to Kyle seeing results. Once Kyle had it nailed down, it was just a matter of time before he had a successful run at health and fitness.

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