First, The Eo3 Standards

Welcome to End of Three Fit! If you are brand new you will realize the workouts are given at three levels; recruit, established and competitor. Below, you will be able to see where you fit in. You are only in a category if you can achieve EVERY element in said category. If you are strong as a competitor, but your conditioning is recruit are not at the competitor level. If you are below recruit, you will find our workouts very challenging, but not impossible. 


Work Time
Back Squat 
Front Squat 
Eo3 5K
Strict Pull-ups
Strict Dips
2,000m Row 
1.5 Mile Run 
500m Row 
400m Sprint


4+ hours
≥ 2x Bodyweight
≥ 1.75x Bodyweight
≥ 1.5x Bodyweight 
≥ 1x Bodyweight 
> 1x Bodyweight 
> 1x Bodyweight 
> 1x Bodyweight 
< 40:00
≤ 7:00
≤ 9:10 
≤ 1:35 
60 sec. (+/- 5)



3+ hours
≥ 1.5x Bodyweight
≥ 1.5x Bodyweight
≥ 1.25x Bodyweight 
≥ .75x Bodyweight 
≥ .8-.9x Bodyweight 
≥ .8-.9x Bodyweight  
≥ .8-.9x Bodyweight 
< 50:00
≤ 8:00
≤ 11:04 
≤ 1:50 
75 sec. (+/- 5)


2+ hours
≥ 1x Bodyweight
≥ 1x Bodyweight
≥ .75x Bodyweight 
≥ .5x Bodyweight 
Skill Practice*
Skill Practice*  
Skill Practice*

< 60:00
< 10
< 10
≤ 9:00
≤ 13:01 
≤ 2:00 
90 sec. (+/- 5)

Second, our official warm-up 


3-5 minutes jog, row or aidryne 


3 rounds of...(Lower body emphasis) 

  • 5 wall squats [DEMO]
  • 10 squats 
  • 20 lunges 

3 rounds of...(Upper body emphasis)

  • 10 PVC pass throughs [DEMO]
  • 5 pull-ups 
  • 10 push-ups
  • 15 kettlebell swings (very light) 


5 minutes of dynamic stretching. 

Third, your questions 

How do I follow Eo3Fit’s programming?

  • Following the programming is easy! Just go to the "WOD" section of the site and do the workout of the day. Even easier, enter your email in one of the subscription boxes (like below) and get the daily workouts via email. That’s all you get…no spam, no selling….just daily workouts.

Does Eo3Fit believe in any additional strength programming?

  • Yes. If NOT programmed. We think, while the WOD is enough for most people in one day, additional strength training will be necessary for those looking to make significant strength gains or get to a competitive level.

How do I do additional strength training?

We recommend one of the three options:

  • Starting Strength (for the beginner)
  • Wendler 5/3/1 (for the more advanced)
  • One Man One Barbell (the most effective supplemental strength training program) INFO HERE

What equipment will I need?

  • You will need weights, preferably bumper plates but iron will work as well, and a power or Olympic bar. You will need a set of squat stands to squat and bench press from. You will need a plyometric box and a place to do pull ups. You will need a set of rings or parallel bars to perform dips. You will need a few kettlebells. You will need a jump rope and a place to perform drills and to run.
  • Most athletes find they can do all of this in their garage with limited purchases. It is possible to perform all of this in a commercial gym as well.

Can I build any equipment?

Can I submit pictures and videos to

Can I submit testimonials to