We are constantly on the quest to get better, bigger and more useful to you! In that quest we have a few things that are coming in the next few months, here is what you can look forward to: 

Free Training Programs 

  • We will be releasing a number of 4 and 6 week training programs that help people who may want to train for a certain purpose i.e. bodyweight workouts, mass building, foundational GPP, strength, etc. 

The Eo3 Crew 

  • The Eo3Fit Crew is for those who enjoy the FREE daily workouts here at End of Three Fit, but want a little bit more. Individualized programming is not for everyone, and we realize a vast majority of those who follow our daily workouts do not have the need for individualized programming, but that doesn't mean you don't want a little extra. That's where the Eo3Fit Crew comes in! When joining the Crew you will get...

    • Access to our premium training programs. 
    • Weekly audio or video tips from our coaches.
    • Email Correspondence - Get the answers you want! 
    • Monthly in-depth training articles
    • Video review 

One Man One Barbell Seminar 

  • We are working with a number of local CrossFit affiliates right now and planning to host numerous seminars at different locations to teach and expand on the One Man One Barbell methodology. After our initial seminars have been hosted we will be offering them to CrossFit and strength and conditioning gyms around the nation. 

Individual Programming 

  • End of Three Fit currently provides programming for many different athletes, but we have been doing it behind the scenes to limit the coach to athlete ratio. But now we have new systems in place to make it easier for the coaches and athletes. We will not be officially offering this service till March 2015, but if you feel you just can't wait...Contact us

Affiliate Programming 

  • We have had numerous CrossFit affiliates contact us for programming at their location, and we have had to turn a lot of them away due to our number of athletes and other affiliates that had been taken on. But just like the individual programming, we have improved our processes and it is now much easier for affiliates to get specific programming tailored perfectly for their box. We will not be officially offering this service till March 2015, but if you feel you just can't wait...Contact us

How to keep up?

If you are interested in any of our upcoming plans or programs feel free to contact us, or subscribe to the daily WOD where announcements are released as well.