Jerred Moon - The Architect


Jerred has dedicated the last 10+ years of his life to fitness, and has been the director of training and physical training leader in almost every walk of military fitness to include special operations. He has also trained endurance athletes, power lifters, stay at home moms and average joes. He grew up playing football, was a 100m and 200m sprinter and a national level racquetball player. He is the creator of the wildly successful strength program “One Man One Barbell” and a mental toughness training program called the “Mental Toughness Militia”. Jerred has studied, sweat, puked, bled, and everything else to master what he loves…he wants to offer his experience to you. - Level I CrossFit Trainer

Barrett Bruce - The Chemist 


Barrett grew up playing baseball and football and started lifting weights at a young age for sports and became really passionate about strength training as a sophomore in high school. He also found a talent in baseball and, as a high school baseball player; the New York Yankees drafted him in 2006. Barrett was then a 4-year scholarship athlete for baseball in college. He is a certified personal trainer specializing in sports performance and bases his training off of CrossFit’s methodology. His lifting background includes power lifting, strength training, CrossFit and speed & agility. Though he originally began training primarily for sports, he fell in love with the training aspect of it all, which is why he decided to train athletes for a living. Barrett’s true motivation is helping others achieve their goals, and he would love to see you achieve yours.

- Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Emphasis