Rob is a Project Manager for a Commercial Property Developer who lives in the UK. He has a background as a rower with some pretty incredible times and achievements.


Rob "evolved" into a well-rounded Garage Gym Athlete. He had an endurance background, wanted to get stronger, and kept going down that rabbit hole until he found our daily programming and has not looked back!


Results include lowering his resting heart rate by 13 beats per minute, added 55 lbs. to his back squat, and dropped 22 lbs. of bodyweight

“Finding a community like this one has been great! Everyone is helpful and will answer any questions you have. It’s awesome to see other people training in their garage; some in the snow, some in extreme heat. It’s been really motivating!”
— Rob Brown
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"Starting and sticking to a program for at least 12 Weeks is the best thing you could do as a garage gym athlete."

Rob had a pretty extensive background as a rower and has been into training most of his life. 

It wasn't until he had his son that his training got turned upside down for about two years, and for the first time ever.

In that two-year time period he felt he got lazy and was overweight, so he wanted to do something about it. Rob decided to go back to his endurance roots. 

He got on the bike, did some bodyweight training, and even completed a few half marathons. 

After some bodyweight training, he got more interested in combining his endurance level with more strength training, so he started using dumbbells. It wasn't long until he outgrew those and was onto the barbell and started adding some serious strength to his overall fitness. 

Eventually, he found the Garage Gym Athlete community and programming. Right now, strength is a primary focus for him, but he like to keep things really well-rounded -- which is a major aim of our programming. 

Rob recommends that anyone looking to tackle training on their own should pick a program, start it, and STICK TO IT!! Once you see the results, you will be hooked! 





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Just getting started (again) after having his son was a major step for Rob. Once he decided to get serious in his garage and give a cycle of training a try, he started to see some serious gains. 

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