The One Man One Barbell Strength and Conditioning seminar focuses on effective ways to implement highly effective strength training in a general physical preparedness program; like CrossFit. 

Strength and conditioning gyms and CrossFit affiliates tend to struggle with strength programming when it comes to creating a very well-rounded overall program. Too little emphasis on strength will lead to plateaus and insignificant gains. Too much emphasis on strength training coupled with additional conditioning will almost always lead to a fried CNS and heavy overtraining. And worse, when you get the right equation, your members may not execute it perfectly. 

Bottom line: If you are looking at 5-10lb PRs in 6-month time frames, or're programming strength incorrectly. 

This seminar helps to teach the attendees how to program such training with their current CrossFit or GPP regimen.  It goes beyond teaching how to program effectively, but also covers how to do it! Strength training is far more complicated than moving a barbell the same way everyday. This seminar will give attendees the edge every time they step tot he bar. The seminar will also cover mental toughness training techniques to help bust through PRs.  This seminar can guarantee you will see improvement in fitness, strength and performance. 


Commitment: Seminars are typically 4-6 hours (depending on group size) and held on Saturdays.

Cost: $50.00 per person. 


  • $200 hosting fee 
  • 10 person minimum/50 person max 

What attendees get: 

  • Lessons and demonstrations on how to program the One Man One Barbell way. 
  • A copy of the individualized One Man One Barbell Program ($49 value).
  • A copy of the Mental Toughness Militia mental training and diet plan ($49 value). 

If you own a gym or CrossFit affiliate this is huge for your members! They get all the info, lessons and books to be the best version of themselves possible. After the course members are sent two wildly popular programs and information to help them start shredding through PRs at your gym! Don't hold your members back!

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