Tiffany lives in Boston and is a mother, a long time softball player and how active biker, hiker, and overall body mover.


Tiffany is using her gym to train for life. She wants to be able to do what ever she wants, when ever she wants.


Ryan has been able to maintain his speed while drastically improving across all of his lifts, and losing weight.

“I think everyone should be working out. I don’t care what type of working out it is but everybody should be working out and moving their body. “
— Tiffany O'hearn

“We have this space between our two ears that helps us or hurts us.its only you against yourself so find what ever motivates you and go out and do it!”

Tiffany started her fitness journey in the gym not with a clear understand of what she was doing, until she found CrossFit.

“Sure I went to the gym and I had good sweat sessions but I’m not really sure if they were effective”

When her daughter was born is when she started assembling her garage gym because she couldn’t make it to the gym.

The programing she started going were free online workouts from CrossFit gyms, with a little bit of cherry picking.

She realized shortly after she wasn’t getting stronger and struggling with movements that used to be easy, and thats whey she went looking for better programming

After several cycles of One Man One Barbell and then Garage Gym Athlete programming she started to surprise herself at what she could do in the gym across the board.

 Tiffany’s been using her garage gym for about two years, braving the cold in the winter, heat in the summer and slowly building her gym. She wants to set an example for her daughter, and others, that it doesn’t matter what you do, just go out and do it and move your body.

“My mental toughness is immeasurable and so worth mentioning. Becoming my own fortress of power, strength, and fortitude.”





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Once Tiffany started to take fitness in her own hands training at home and finding a program that works she was able to reach new heights in her fitness and surprise herself.

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