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Introduction to End of Three Fit Training plans

There are three simple principles in following a training plan from End of Three Fit: 

  • KNOW - You must know your current level of fitness. Having an "idea" is not good enough. Regularly test your benchmarks and know what you are at. If you only know what you want but not where you are...these plans may be of no use to you. 
  • UNDERSTAND - Understand what you want. Following a program half-heartedly or with no real goal is a waste of your time. Understand your objective and achieve your objective. 
  • CONTROL - Life will always get in the way. ALWAYS. Control what you can and be flexible, but stick to the program. Control your fitness. If something is too hard, or appears that way, go lighter or easier. Ego-driven weight lifting will lead to injury. 

Be mindful and select carefully. 

Currently, there are only a few programs listed but we plan on releasing many for in coming months after they are compiled. 

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