"Convergence" - Thursday 20140206

Occasionally, we will have some "rest day reading" here at Eo3Fit, nothing long or in-depth like at End of Three Fitness; just food for thought, ideas and theory related to training.  

Where do you stand? 

I will never lower the bar here with our training to try and make it more user-friendly, in fact, it will probably get tougher. However, I will do everything I can to get you to one of our levels.

With setting the new Eo3Fit standards, it has raised questions about why, and what the goal is, of End of Three Fit. Here it is...

Our goal is CONVERGENCE.

We want to bridge the gap between elite training and the other guy. We want to take elite training principles and program them in a way that you CAN use; without injury and overtraining. We will not specialize. Following our program will make you a Better Human; you will be stronger, faster and highly conditioned to take on any amount of life you can handle. There are a lot of daily workout sites out there that are either completely random, program too much volume or have no real goal for their athletes. That is not us. 


We strongly believe you should, at a minimum, go through a solid strength program (Phase 1), then go through a high-level strength and conditioning program (Phase 2), and then you are ready for End of Three Fit (Phase 3). Some of you are already ready for End of Three Fit, but some of you may need to start back in phase one. 

But I won't leave you high and dry! Later this month we will be releasing our FREE high-level strength and conditioning base program. This is just one of many programs we will be releasing this year. 

Stick around and I guarantee you will be a better version of yourself!

Lastly, Rest Easy. 

This isn't simple CrossFit Metabolic Conditioning. I've seen it too often when people send me emails to review their programming, and a lot of people try something like this: they think they have developed the perfect hybrid by hitting up CrossFit Football's strength 4 days a week, CrossFit Endurance's long interval twice a week, the Outlaw Way's Oly programming 3x a week, with an occasional mainsite WOD and still manage to work in the perfect amount of skill and gymnastic work....

It's creative, but it's not good programming. Don't get me wrong, individually, all of those sites have GREAT programming, but taking their programming and watering it down and modifying is not how it was intended. 

In an upcoming "Rest Day Reading" I will explain some of the philosophy to programming here at End of Three Fit, but for now rest easy. 

There is more thought, planning and experience going into every single daily workout here than most anywhere else. You worry about training hard and recovering well. We will worry about the numbers, the volume, the planning, the cycles, etc..