Monday 20140210

Week 2!! Hope everyone had a good week 1!! 

If you need a site to help calculate these percentages one of our members suggested one at Black Iron Beast [HERE], and Strength Standards [HERE] is a pretty good one too. 


Complete Eo3 Official Warm-up, upper body emphasis, found here


Bench press 

  • 40% x 5 reps 
  • 50% x 5 reps
  • 60% x 3 reps 



Bench Press 

  • 70% x 3 reps
  • 80% x 3 reps 
  • 90% x 3+ reps (as many reps as possible) 


Bench Press 3 x 10 reps @ 50% 
One-arm KB Row 3 x 10 reps (heavier than last week) 


"Kettlebell Kamikaze"

With a running clock perform 5 kettlebell swings every minute on the minute, and add 5 reps every minute completed. 


  • Minute 1 = 5 swings 
  • Minute 2 = 10 swings 
  • Minute 3 = 15 swings 

Keep going until you can no longer fit the reps into one minute -OR- Rule: You CANNOT put the kettlebell down, once you set it down, you have completed that round. "Kettlebell Kamikaze" is a total of two rounds. Rest five minutes after first round. 

This is a great way to build grip strength and mental fortitude. 

*Competitor: 2 POOD
*Established: 1.5 POOD 
*Recruit: No 5+ on last set, just 5 reps/2 sets on accessory/1 POOD

Add loads and max reps to comments. Add which minute you made it to in each Kamikaze round.