Saturday 20140405


This workout is all conditioning and will test your will, mental toughness and stamina. I recently accomplished this workout ROWING. I posted a picture of my whiteboard below to help make sense of it. Pay attention, the workout is not as complicated as it may seem.

Will you survive, or "get killed"?  


  • The workout was designed for rowing, but you can run. 
  • The workout is 5 miles worth of 400m intervals...Yea, that's right! 
  • Rest time is 2 minutes between each 400m interval for the duration of the workout 
  • Miles 1, 3 and 5 are your "working" fast(er) paced intervals 
  • Miles 2 and 4 are your "rest" pace intervals (5 seconds slower than working pace) 


  • Failing an interval, also known as going slower than the set pace (working or rest), is a failure of the entire workout. In this Hard(er) to Kill Challenge it is called "Getting Killed" 
  • Resting for more than 2 minutes is also "Getting Killed" 
  • "Getting Killed" means failure, so STOP the workout 
  • If you "get killed" in the first mile, add 5 seconds to your pace and start over. 
  • The only way to survive...Complete all 5 miles with scheduled rests and at set pace. 



  • Competitor = 1:24 per 400m, rest pace = 1:29 
  • Established = 1:36 per 400m, rest pace = 1:41 
  • Recruit = 1:44 per 400m, rest pace = 1:49  


  • Competitor = 1:18 per 400m, rest pace = 1:23 
  • Established = 1:33 per 400m, rest pace = 1:38 
  • Recruit = 1:43 per 400m, rest pace = 1:48  

Are you hard to kill??