Monday 20140407

Today, we introduce a new portion to the Harder to Kill challenge...

  • First, we are going to let the bar hang challenge ride another week, we need one more competitor for someone to get the $50! 
  • Second, we will implement MT-MODs (read after workout) 


Warm-up, then, if you haven't already, do the bar hang challenge! Details HERE.



2 x 50 reps at 20-25% of 1 RM 

Rest as needed in between sets and do your best to make both sets unbroken. 


6 sets of overhead walking lunges 20 total steps (Recruits = 10 lb, Est. = 25-35lb, Comp. = 45-65lb barbell) 


5 rounds of... 

10 burpees as fast as humanly possible 
Max reps dips (ring or bar) 


I've written about this before and want to make it a part of the Harder to Kill Challenge, so here you go: 

When I refer to mental toughness I am not talking about holding your hand over a flame or in ice water to try and become tougher. I am talk about something that simply pushes you beyond your normal limitations.

Today, you start your MT-MODs (Mental Toughness Mission of the Day), and the best part is, YOU create them and they are easy.

Start simple (baby steps, remember):

  • Waste too much time on your phone, computer or TV? Then your MT-MOD for today can be a three hour consecutive time period where you DO NOT look at a screen.
  • Eat a lot of junk food? Don’t try a diet overhaul on day one. Replace one meal or snack with a healthy one.

The point of the MT-MOD is for it to be different everyday, yet you wake up in the morning and set your MT-MOD knowing that you will not fail your mission.

Do it everyday. This is creating a habit of doing, not necessarily a specific habit.

*Competitor: As prescribed 
*Established: See scaling in WOD
*Recruit: Deadlift = See scaling in WOD