Monday 20140512

Harder to Kill is over!! 

That was fast! And don't worry that is not the only time we will do a Harder to Kill challenge. Now, we are going to go through the Eo3 Foundations program to FULLY test your fitness before we jump into the next challenge. 

Would love to hear what you thought in the comments, or if you are an email subscriber just reply to this email. And speaking of comments, we have switched to Disqus for comments here at End of Three Fit. We were just getting to many issues with the other system. 

If you are feeling pretty fatigued, now would be a good time for a deload week, or week off. Also, the foundations program goes one day on and one day off, so there is plenty of rest built in, but it is really challenging!

Eo3 Foundations - Day 1 


3-5 minutes jog, row or aidryne


3 rounds of...(Lower body emphasis)

  • 5 wall squats [DEMO]
  • 10 squats
  • 20 lunges


5 minutes of dynamic stretching.


Work up to heavy deadlift (1RM if possible) in 15 minutes…not a second longer. 


With 85% of today’s heavy deadlift…

  • 5 sets of 3 reps (speed focus) 

~REST 5-7 minutes~


[Max effort] 500m row 


3 rounds

  • 5 minute row 
  • Rest 2 minutes 
  • Goal +/- 3 seconds within +15 seconds of pace of max effort 500m row; i.e. if you completed a 1:30 500m row, you should keep, ideally, a 1:45 average 500m pace for each 5 minute duration.