Monday 20150713

The EO3 Iron Mile 

For time...

Walk 1 Mile 

The catch...Put something on your back, whether it is an empty barbell, a barbell loaded to 185, or empty (or loaded) yoke, but make sure it is metal. No sandbags, medicine balls or anything comfortable. 

A barbell or a yoke. That's it. 


You'll know why about 400m in... You'll want to quit. You'll start looking for excuses to quit. You'll start blaming me and the stupidity of this programming. You'll feel the pain in your shoulders and upper back, and hey, you may not even get that tired...But you will be pushed. 

Once you get past the self-pity and blaming everyone but yourself for lack of mental'll know why. 

It will be worth it. 

Weight...IS UP TO YOU! Challenge yourself. 

Have fun!