Sunday: 6-Week Workout Challenge Announcement

We are going to run through the Hard(er) to Kill 6-Week challenge starting Monday, Sept. 14! 

More info... 

Are you…hard to kill?

Does your current training make you tougher? Are you prepared for anything? How far can you run before your hands start to shake? Can you jump over a fence? Lift 200 lb? Do you know?

Why do you think James Bond and Jason Bourne just WON’T die in any of their movies? I can assure you that it is not because they are fictional characters and that’s how the storyline was written. NO! It’s because they are training to be harder to kill.

Granted these guys are not Olympic-athlete fast, or powerlifter strong, but they can run down just about any human being on the planet, beat the crap out of said individual, and put their bodies through the ringer (and, hey, they don’t look too bad either).

These guys are incredibly fit and well rounded…and extremely hard to kill!

The premise for this 6-week challenge is based off of one of the more popular posts at End of Three Fitness, Training to be…harder to kill. To quote some of that article:

What is the real reason you train? There are plenty of reasons to workout…but how or why do you train? That’s right, train!

There is a type of training…a training that few people pursue: Training to be harder to kill.

The definition of ‘Harder to Kill’: Having the mental toughness and physical edge to be ready to perform at your maximum potential at anytime.

In a nutshell

  • This 6-week challenge is all about general physical preparedness, with an emphasis on strength.
  • We are going to get stronger, faster and harder to kill…seriously

Are you in? Starts tomorrow.